Investment Banking

Sterling Securities’ Investment Banking Business

An investment bank is a financial institution that works with clients in the field of risk-bearing investments in ways that commercial banks cannot. For example, investment banks support listed companies on fundraising through issue of marketable securities and provide support and advice on mergers, acquisitions and other issues in line with clients’ growth strategies.

Sterling Securities assists clients in improving their enterprise value in a wide variety of ways. We prepare growth scenarios based on our analysis of clients’ current condition; support the formulation of growth and operating strategies; and offer fundraising and a basket of advisory services to enable them to realize these strategies. Through these efforts we serve our clients with total support.

Investment Banking Services for Listed Companies

  • Equity finance underwriting
  • Growth investment funding, M&A funding, restructuring funding
  • Structured finance
Advisory Services
  • Measures to improve enterprise value in emerging markets and mid-sized listed companies
  • Advisory services on growth strategy
  • Advisory services on restructuring
  • Advisory services on financial strategy
  • Advisory services on IR strategy
  • Advisory services on M&A

Investment Banking Services for Unlisted Companies

  • IPO support
  • IPO investment
  • Value-enhancing investment